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The game was released by Axlebolt, a publisher based in Russia. This is the next release of the popular first-person shooter series on mobile devices. Many believe that Standoff is the 2nd. he thinks that his section is “CS: GO on Mobile” because the game has been upgraded a lot in terms of graphics and has a lot of new things like weapons, maps, game modes. experience.

In general, the game is still more like a traditional FPS, with a lot of competitions and classic maps. In order to play this game well, you need quick reflexes, high judgment and accuracy in any situation. If you die, you’ll have to sit outside until the tour is over.

New players of FPS games often have difficulty integrating with the game. They often panic when faced with enemies and often make the wrong decisions in every battle. Don’t worry if you encounter this situation, you will soon be the No. 1 gunman of Standoff 2.


Although it’s hard to play games for beginners, Standoff 2 brings justice to the players. Winning or losing is not considered a “pay to win” game, but because of the skill and ability of your teamwork with your teammates.

Standoff 2 is full of weapons of a traditional shooting game. You can have legendary weapons such as AK 47 or M4A1, Desert Eagle in many different ways. Weapons are being purchased with virtual money in the game or you can use cash to buy skin for them. Doing quests and opening mysterious gift boxes is also a way to have the best weapons. Don’t miss out!

Many new modes
In october to the Deathmatch mode, Standoff 2 now has two more interesting modes: Defusing the Bomb and Gun Racing. There are also new additions to the game, such as Capture the Flag, Heist, and tournaments mode. The utmost decency of interaction between players is shown not only in fighting together, but also through communication in the game and allowing players to exchange weapons or costumes, weapon appearances.

If you have played Counter-Strike, you know that Destroy the Bomb is the legendary mode of CS. The terrorist has the role of bombing one of the two designated areas, and CT has the role of defense, sa prevents the Terrorist from achieving his goal. If the terrorist succeeds or the entire CT team is defeated, sa Terrorist wins. In turn, CT wins if he refuses the bomb or saws off the entire side of the Terrorist. For me, this is the most tactical and most exciting mode in a shooting game.

Arriving at an FPS game, you will undoubtedly be able to experience many different types of weapons that you can equip at each level. You can choose from rifle to sniper depending on your preferences and skills in the match. At the same time, you will spend time upgrading its effectiveness at each level and get different experiences. Experiencing different weapons is only the first step to discovering what they can do for you.

After each match, you will see the experience that you can gain with the weapon you use. Also, when you reach a new level for the weapon, you will get an upgrade item associated with it. So if you want to improve the performance of the weapon you are using, let it make the necessary upgrades and gain new levels. It will be a process that takes your time and helps you improve your skills.


Amazing graphics
Speaking of graphics, Standoff 2 has great graphics compared to an action game on mobile devices. The 3D graphics are realistic and detailed. The game images are realistic and detailed in high quality. The thing is that the way the character moves seems strange and funny, but this does not affect the visual experience of the player. In addition, the game has 6 different types of maps. Each map opens up a new strategy that requires you to adapt if you want to win.

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